Tiny Love - Gymini™ Sunny Day

Tiny Love Gymini Sunny Day

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Tiny Love Gymini Sunny Day

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  • 0 month+
  • Tap and play sun with 3 different tunes
  • Mirror for extended tummy-time
  • Hanging toys can be moved and rearranged by hooking them to the arches’ rings
  • Jitter frog
  • Musical sun
  • Leaf teether
  • Turtle rattle
  • Satin ribbon
  • Machine washable
  • Can be easily folded and packed

Baby Steps :

Moderate the Gymini Sunny Day’s level of stimulation by adjusting the number of toys appearing in baby’s field of vision. . You can stimulate baby’s body sensation and control by placing him on his tummy.

Reducing Stimulation

If baby seems uncomfortable or restless (crying, averting his gaze, etc) reduce the level of stimulation. Leave only one toy in his field of vision and deactivate the sun’s music. Stay beside baby and stroke him gently until he is soothed.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems uninterested or bored, try adding toys to the arches, turning the sun’s music on and changing the positions of the toys every so often. Position baby so that her hands and feet are able to hit the toys and make them swing back and forth. Gradually, reduce the level of stimulation to help baby focus

Stimulating Body Sensation & Control

To stimulate baby’s body sensation and control, place baby on his tummy. Position the mirror in front of him and tap it to draw his attention. Sit beside him and talk to him to keep him entertained.



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