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Capella Adonis Classic Stroller Premium Fabric S705-15-PM

$539.00 $339.15

- Suitable for 0 – 48 Months, Up to 18KGS

- Open : 83cm x 52.7cm x 98cm ; Close : 52.7cm x 32cm x 97cm

- Weight : 8.5KGS

- 99% UV Protection, 0.3G Shock Absorber, Brain Protection

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Capella Adonis Classic Stroller Premium Fabric


   Only BROWN


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A child is the greatest gift to all parents therefore having the best and safest for your baby is essential. Whether when they are sleeping, lying down, standing and walking, all we want is the best for our infant. CAPELLA becomes an ideal choice that helps parents to obtain stuffs for their baby that is safe, functional and comfortable. As safety is our priority, our baby walkers are equipped with some security locks which can stop and prevent accidents from happening. We at CAPELLA aims to be the best baby product provider available. Keep your infant happy and safe!

- Suitable for 0 – 48 Months, Up to 18KGS

- Open : 83cm x 52.7cm x 98cm ; Close : 52.7cm x 32cm x 97cm

- Weight : 8.5KGS

- 99% UV Protection, 0.3G Shock Absorber, Brain Protection

- Self standing

- Full covering canopy

- Handle reverse

- Wide seat

- One-hand folding

- Backrest reclining

- Detachable guard

- Ventilation system

- FOUR (4) swivel wheel

-Available in three (3) colors !!

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